The Results

The ones that we got right.

Jones for Sheriff, Arnett for Clerk, Witt for Register of Deeds, Sisk* for Trustee, Ballard for Property Assessor, McGee for Criminal Court Judge, Div. II, Saunders for Fourth District Seat A, Shouse for Fourth District Seat B, Anders for Sixth District Seat A, Wright for Eighth District. New Knox County School Board members Kincannon, Buttry, Carson and Phillips. Lockett for Knox County Law Director. Woodson and Farmer in their respective primaries for State Senate. State Representatives Nicelely, Brooks, Tindell and Dunn. Ray for the Republican nomination to take on Joe Armstrong. Haynes for State Representative District 14, Campfield for State Representative District 18, Nicodemus for Democrat candidate State Representative, Overbey, State Senator Dist 8, Unted States Senator Lamar Alexander for the Republican nomination. Tuke for Democrat candidate for United States Senate, Padgett winning Knox County. U.S. Representative John J. “Jimmy” Duncan, Jr. and Scott, the Democrat candidate for United States House of Representatives in Dist. 2

The ones that we got wrong.

Baah in the First District County Commission, Bolus in the Second District County Commission, Sproles in the Fifth District County Commission and Ward in Ninth District County Commission.

The great news is that the little community newspaper with the tabloid bully editor girl picked Kulhman and Drevik to endorse in the fourth district. Brian’s Blog predicted Saunders and Shouse and guess what happened. The tabloid bully editor girl lost again and this time it was Brian’s Blog that predicted more accurately than she.

* prediction was too close to call.

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