Could Busler Face an Ouster?

For all the criticism that John Schoonmaker is receiving. He gave a weeks notice. Carson Dailey had a medical Emergency with his wife. But for Charles Busler to answer toll call at the 4 pm meeting, take personal privelage to read a 6 page script. When he informed to Clerk to record him absent, his remarks should have been erased from the meeting.

For the 45,000 plus Seventh District citizens that went without representation last night, the question from several constituents of the 7th is how do we go about an ouster proceeding on Busler? Another source said to me that mental absence can not be recorded as physical absence.

Here is the absent member participating in the meeting yesterday afternoon.

Busler at the 10/25/2018 4 pm Meeting

Busler at the 10/25/2018 4 pm Meeting

Next thing you know there will be an allegation that the Commissions action yesterday was illegal.

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