BREAKING NEWS: Knox County Law Director Hires Don Bosch. What?

Hubert Smith of The Hubert Smith Radio Show and One on One with Hubert Smith has informed Brian’s Blog that Knox County Law Director John Owings has informed the County Commissioners this afternoon that he is hiring outside counsel pertaining to the hospitality account and community grants of the Knox County Mayor. Smith confirmed this information with at least three Knox County Commissioners.

What would be unusual about the hiring of outside counsel? It isn’t the hiring of outside counsel that is unusual. It is who he selected that is unusual. The left leaning criminal defense attorney Donald A. Bosch, Esq. and an associate from his law office, Ms. Ann Short-Bowers, Esq. .

Bosch a regular panelist on WBIR’s Inside Tennessee, a vocal supporter of the News Sentinel, a proponent for the Charter amendments and any and all democrat candidates. What is interesting is that Bosch was before County Commission on Monday (three days ago) representing Knox Ag, Inc. He lost. But today he wins another client.

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