The Hypocrisy of the Knoxville and Tennessee Media is Comical but Sad

A couple weeks ago, Kris Farley of WATE on Tennessee This Week had bemoaned the money spent on negative TV ads.

This past Sunday John Becker and John North of WBIR had the entire Inside TN program about outside money and the limitless funds of outside groups. They had interviewed political consultant Gary  Drinnen and had Tom Ingram in one of the guest chairs. Ingram is a political consultant having worked most recently with Lamar Alexander, Bill Haslam and Bob Corker.

So all these tv ads whether with candidate campaign committee money or outside group money pay the salaries of Farley, Becker, North and EVERYOTHER employee at WBIR and WATE and/or any other media entity.

So one would have to assume they (employees) do not want the revenue and prefer layoffs. Is that it?

As for political consultants proposing to do away with outside money. The normal practice for most (maybe not all) is to attach a placement bonus or get a percentage back from the ad placement. So, while one or two may want to cut it out, where will they be making up their lost revenue.

So to sum up, any outside group, candidate campaign committee that wants to advertise here on this site. I won’t criticize you for paying your bill and I will promote your message whatever it is and whoever it targets.

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