Congrats to Commissioner Julia Hurley on TCCA Leadership Position

TCCA (Tennessee County Commissioners Association) government affairs committee voted on new officers in Chattanooga in the last couple of weeks and Loudon Counties own County Commissioner Julia Hurley of Loudon has been elected as Secretary. Hurley also owns and operate Just Homes Group – KW and is a business partner with #TheMegaBullhornofTruth
The committee meets in Nashville every legislative year to read through every piece of legislation with their lobbyist, former State Legislator, Charlie Curtis who Hurley also served during the 2010-2012 legislative sessions, when she was State Representative of TN House District 32.

TCCA is the organization of Tennessee County Commissioners and the government affairs committee determines the bills all commissions should keep an eye on, support, deny and lobby for or against.

Hornback Hurley

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