Commission Chairman Gets Spanked Tonight

County Commission Chairman Thomas “Tank” Strickland today has been not allowing Commissioners who have their lights on to speak when someone calls for the question. This is a new procedure for the Chairman and the Commission. He is attempting to rule people out of order. A few minutes ago the train of cutting of discussion was whistling down the tracks, when it got to Commissioner Elaine Davis. She asked Commissioner R. Larry Smith if he had a question. He said my light is on and yes I have a question. Strickland rudely interrupted Davis and said it doesn’t matter, the question is called. Davis responded to the Chairman that could effect my vote. She voted No and 9 others then voted No and the call failed. Chairman Strickland was spanked by Commissioner Davis.

These Commission meetings go on for so long, not only because the Commissioners cannot talk amongst themselves prior to the meeting. But also because Strickland is not running the meeting effectively as he should and he is trying to “Victor Ashe” the other portions of the meeting.

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  1. As well as a number of commissioners “have” to get their 2cents in whether it’s necessary or not.