Amy Henley Vandergriff, Knox County Clerk Candidate

Amy Henley Vandergriff, candidate for Knox County Clerk appeared on Politics Knox this evening. Politics Knox is a live call in television show on Cable Community Access Television. It is Channel 12 on Knoxville Comcast cable. Politics Knox is normally hosted by City Councilman Steve Hall. As many of you know Councilman Hall is recovering from an extended stay in a Chattanooga hospital. So this evening the show was hosted by State Representative Stacey Campfield. Amy fielded many calls and the interview was informative about the operation of the Clerk’s office. Amy is the only candidate with experience working in the office.

Another note about Amy is a recent comment posted by a regular reader and commenter to Brian’s Blog, Dan Andrews. Here is what Dan said about his meeting with Amy this past Tuesday evening at the Farragut Cultural Alliance.

“First off. I gained a ton of respect for Amy Vandergriff. Brian, reality is this. The hotter the fire, the stronger the steal. Iron sharpens iron. Both candidates have been through hell and back with their setbacks being villified in the media. However, the sad part is while everyone including me has been fascinated with the side dramas, has anyone been paying attention to their ideas to FIX the county Clerk’s office? Amy showed up and was very informative. Her vision is strong and vivid. I admit I was on the fence on this one before the meeting however, after talking to her and listening to her plan I feel she deserves my vote. She gained alot of my respect by just showing up. She gained even more of my respect after I talked to her.”

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