Knox County Senior Finance Director named Deputy Chief of Staff

Constituent Services Department adds Jane Jolley as Community Engagement Director

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. —  Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs has promoted Senior Finance Director, Chris Caldwell to Senior Finance Director and Deputy Chief of Staff. The promotion reflects Caldwell’s increased duties in assisting the day-to-day management of Knox County employees. His salary will remain the same.


“Chris’ tenure of nearly 16 years with the county’s finance department and the institutional knowledge that comes with it is invaluable to my office and Knox County tax payers,” Mayor Jacobs said. “I believe this is a well-deserved promotion for Chris and smart personnel move for the county.”


Additionally, Mandi Benedict has been promoted to Constituent Services Director and Abbey Harris hired as the Deputy Communications Director following the departure of Sarah Fansler and Jennifer Linginfelter who held those positions, respectively, under the Burchett Administration. Jane Jolley, former Senior Field Director for Senator Bob Corker’s office, has replaced Benedict as Community Engagement Director.

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2 Responses

  1. Mike Patton says:

    Can we look forward to more ghost employees and him signing time fakely under this administration?

    I hope we can expect more hard hitting reporting or we’ll know politician ads on blog = buying your silence.

  2. BHornback says:

    I am not confident about the ghost employee and the Finance Director signing the time sheets stopping. I will say that I am the one that began digging on that first, Additionally, no ads silence my work. Bear in mind, this is NOT my full time job, I am not paid a salary and provided a cubicle for 8-10 hours a day. I believe my community service as a Citizen Informer is on par or better than the hired gun “journalists” Thanks for reading and responding.