Is Haslam Soft on Crime? Soft on Law and Order?

So today, Governor Bill Haslam commuted the life sentence of a young woman that served 12 years of a 51 year sentence for a murder that she committed.

Many people have served longer times for crimes of less severity. While others have served less for crimes greater severity. That is not really the argument, here.

The question I am pondering is was Haslam considering the effect this decision would have on a U.S. Senate race to replace Senator Lamar Alexander in 2020? Sources indicate that the Democrats like Memphis State Senator Sara Kyle as a probable opponent in 2020.

When you see the legislative packages for this year. Many of them will be criminal justice reform. Governor Haslam did not spend the last 8 years on criminal justice. It was Education, Health Care and Raising the Gas Tax.

So has he opened himself up to a Conservative Law and Order challenge for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate, IF HE RUNS?

2/24/2016 Governor Bill Haslam joins Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey to

Then Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey introducing Governor Bill Haslam / File Photo


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