Why Speaker Casada was Correct on Gloria

Speaker Glen Casada did not place freshman State Representative Gloria Johnson on the Education Committee that she apparently  coveted.

Johnson on the day she announced at a school board League of Women's Voter forum.

Johnson at a school board League of Women’s Voter forum.

Because the moment she was not on the Education Committee, Some of Gloria’s cronies began repeating allegations from a year a more ago about the alleged past of Education Chairman Rep. David Byrd.

While Johnson is a freshman in the 111th General Assembly, she did serve one term back 4-5 years ago, she was in 2012-2014 General Assembly. During that two years, my sources tell me she passed two bills. She was off the house floor during a workers protection bill and she was a continual and constant disrupter.

Susan Richardson Williams on WBIR this morning (Sunday January 13, 2019) said that Johnson pledged to be different this time from 2012-2014.

Clearly from the temper tantrum her cronies have pitched, I am sure Speaker Casada and Chairman Byrd do not view Johnson as having changed her behavior.

Additionally, Johnson supported one term School Board Member Amber Rountree Who was soundly defeated this year. A large portion of her State Legislative District is made up of that school board district. So Johnson has no educational mandate. Johnson has been retired from the school district for several years and many of the new educational practices may have escaped Johnson.

So, while Johnson’s actions in the last week have not met what she said to Williams and others. Speaker Casada was correct, in my humble opinion.





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