2019 Knoxville Elections

On Tuesday August 27, 2019 the City of Knoxville will have a Primary Election. The City of Knoxville Mayor, three at Large City Council positions, the Fifth District City Council Seat and the Municipal Judge position will be up for grabs.

All the current elected officials are term limited (EXCEPT Judge John Rosson) and not eligible to run for their current positions. (Judge Rosson is eligible and I expect that he will seek re-election)

The following are individuals that I am aware of that are preparing candidacies. There is time for others to get in, get out or whatever. As always keep me in the loop, if you are getting in, getting out or just participating.

City Council at Large Seat A

Current Girl Scout Executive and Former School Board Member Lynne Fugate

City Council at Large Seat B

Activist David Hayes

Young Williams CEO Janet Testerman

City Council at Large Seat C

Amy Midis

Pond Gap Community Advocate David Williams

City Council Fifth District

Charles Thomas – is rumored although no Treasurer has been appointed yet.

Municipal Judge

John Rosson




Michael Andrews

John Bevil

Fletcher Burkhardt

Mike Chase

Indya Kincannon

Eddie Mannis

Marshall Stair



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2 Responses

  1. Hubert Smith says:

    I do intend to be a at-large citywide council candidate. Currently, I’m focusing on my stroke recovery, and hope to announce before March deadline.

  2. john says:

    https://votedavidhayes.com/ website is live if you don’t mind linking it. Thanks. (i’m not a campaign official, just a friend doing a google search who found your article)