Who is the Victim at the Schools After Last Night? I believe It Is Dr. McIntyre

A couple or three of the Knox County School Board Members did a lot of talking about leaders leading last night. But, I believe the victim was Dr. McIntyre. You see they hired him at a larger salary then the last guy and so when there is criticism about asking for more money the public attack his salary.

If the board members (who are compensated $30,000 +/- a year) actually led, they wouldn’t hide behind the Superintendent like bashful and shy children. Instead they subject him to the criticism while they sit on the front row.

Only two thirds of the board even attended the meeting last night. Board Member Fugate was out of town and Board Members McMillan and Sepesi were no shows.

The courage of the board would end, if the board members had to set the tax rate. However, now they just hide behind Dr. McIntyre and lobby shots at Commission and the Mayor. When Board Member Carson quoted the Bible it suddenly got cloudy outside.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This was a referendum on McIntyre. He is done.