George Korda Leads WATE in Discriminatory Comments

On WATE’s Tennessee This Week that aired today, George Korda appeared on the “Last Word.” Korda who serves as the political analyst for WATE in responding to the issue of Republican candidate Foster Arnett’s payment of his delinquent taxes in Union County being a factor in the County Clerk’s race said. “if they were Knox County taxes it would be a factor, but they were Union County taxes.”

WATE through it’s political analyst are now on record as having discriminatory attitudes toward the citizens and government of Union County. WATE should publicly disavow the discriminatory comments of its political analyst in defaming the good people of Union County.

Sources close to the Union County Trustee indicate that the Trustee and the Trustee office has been in contact with Foster Arnett and had been attempting to collect the debt. It was only after Brian’s Blog broke the story and before the News-Sentinel could contact Foster, he traveled up to Maynardville and paid the taxes. He was in arrears for 2006 and 2007 and paid $1,084.72 in settling these debts.

It should be noted that of the three panelists on WATE’s Tennessee This Week’s Last Word, two of the three panelist are former colleagues of Foster’s during their tenure working within the Victor Ashe administration of the City of Knoxville.

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