Evelyn Gill, Are the Vendors Okay With This?

Last week at the Knox County Commission Workshop, Commissioner at Large Justin Biggs pointed out that a proposed lawn mowing contract for county properties called for mowing every 5 days.

After Biggs asked the questions, the Purchasing Department went back and the contract was changed to every 8 days, which will reduce the number of mows and save our tax dollars.

Commissioner Evelyn Gill piped up and said these are minority contractors. (Watching last weeks workshop and last nights meeting, this was the first I heard they were minority contractors.) Gill asked if the contractors were okay with the contract change. Matt Myers with purchasing said they were.

You reckon Gill mows her yard every 5 days? I am sure the vendors (minority or not) want to mow as often as possible, because every time it’s money. It’s not Gill’s money but our tax dollars. Is government in the business of doing what the vendors want, need and demand? I guess according to Gill it is.

First District Knox County Commissioner Evelyn Gill asked for an additional public meeting to discuss the 14 schools in East Knoxville.

First District Knox County Commissioner Evelyn Gill

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