Knox County Commissioners and Sunshine Meetings

Last night, during the more than one hour discussion about the Joint Education Committee, Commissioner Evelyn Gill made reference to Commissioner Larsen Jay saying if you had sun-shined a meeting to ask me a question we could have done that, but you didn’t. Exact words from Gill is below in the video.


Here is the issue, Commissioners have the Commission office send out notices all the time for this type of meetings.between two or more Commissioners. Rarely does any media or public attend.

If anyone would like to work with #TheMegaBullhornofTruth to begin attending these Sunshine meetings, all you have to do is show up, set near the Commissioners, snap a picture and send a note of summary of what they discussed.

The public will be deeply indebted to you for keeping our county government operating in full open transparency. Send me your email address and I will happily inform you of when the meetings are happening.

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