The Knox County School Board Needs An Intervention

The Knox County School Board needs an immediate intervention. They really need an intervention before poor Dr. McIntyre gets into town. A day or two of team building exercises, you know?

It appears that the disunity is now attacking their 5 vote majority. Last night the board had a long meeting discussing policy revisions and changes. A discussion ensued about Title I and Title I schools. School Board Member Sam Anderson has several Title I schools and spoke from his perspective. The School Board Chair has no Title I schools in her district, but she spoke in what was viewed to be counter of Mr. Anderson’s remarks.

Mr. Anderson became so aggravated and upset that he left his seat and went to the back of the room. School Board Member Robert Bratton went back to talk to Mr. Anderson and Bratton was overheard to say that the Board Chair shouldn’t have said anything.

It is clear that the problem with a divided 5-4 Outsiders -vs- Knox County natives is beginning to cause a great divide.

If Mr. Anderson continues to become so upset that he continues showing himself, it will also reflect poorly on his boss, Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam. Could Mr. Anderson be the beginning of the weakness in the Mayor Haslam armour? First, his hate talk in Sundays paper about the Town of Farragut and then one day later, he becomes so irritated that he leaves a board meeting.

In other news of the school board divide.

It appears that the School Board Chair is upset with the County Commission not rubber stamping a few items on last months Commission agenda. 5 of the 19 Commissioners voted NO on a few items on the agenda. It takes 10 to vote anything down. So, it was no harm, no foul. Bit in an fit of rage, the School Board Chair is now having Robert Watson the attorney for the infamous School Board -vs- County Government lawsuit to appear at this months mid month school board workshop. So, the School Board will spend a few thousand dollars to have Robert Watson prepare and then appear at the mid month workshop to make a presentation on the final decree that was agreed to by both parties.


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