Town Hall East hosted a Knoxville Mayor Forum

Last night, Town Hall East held a Knoxville Mayoral Forum. While I was at the West Knox Republican Club Meeting In West Knoxville, I have people and thanks to one of my people for the pics.


The questions

The questions

Fletcher Knoxville Burkhardt said to the first question. “We, as a city, have to quit spending more than we are bringing in and create revenue. Real revenue, not a tax raise. If we utilize our location, begin to market what we have to offer to the rest of the world, and be more efficient we can address every budgetary issue easily.”

On Recode, Burkhardt said that if the vote were held today I would vote no on recode. He believes that, as it stands, it is a one size fits all for our city and in no way does that represent who we are. If it passes before Burkhardt takes office he promised to review the direct impacts it has on each community and adjust the coding accordingly.

Burkhardt also said that while campaigning he is going into communities and meeting, listening, and building relationships with our  citizens. If elected he will continue this once a month in A different community each month. he will keep listening to what people want inside their respective communities. A relationship doesn’t start the day we say “I do”, it must involve constant communication.

A Great crowd at Town Hall East

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