Thoughts from the Knox County School Board Meeting By one of Our Source

Have you been watching the school board meeting? Compliments go to Cindy Buttry for voting on principle. I noticed Sam Anderson called Dr. McIntyre “Bob.” It’s interesting that they’re on a first name basis already.

I wonder if Dr. McIntyre is also on a first name basis with Sam’s brother who works in Central Office.

A few other notes from the real world.

While Thomas Deakins opined cleverly and deceptively about how he doesn’t believe in job protection for Central Office administrators, he did vote to require a 2/3 majority vote on the school board to fire Dr. McIntyre, which is, of course, job protection for his and Coach Anderson’s man “Bob.”

Deakins also used the words “matrix” and “mission statements,” a requirement for the professional classes to let us know that they are different from us the common people.

Now if only Deakins and his comrades can explain where that 57% graduation rate falls into the “matrix.”

Dr. Murphy also claimed that Dr. McIntyre is becoming our superintendent because he’s “ready.” He’s ready for us, because Madison, Wisconsin apparently wasn’t ready for him.

Robert Bratton also made several good points concerning, Dr. McIntyre’s contract, not that they were listened to by the Gang of Five.

What we did learn from the leader of the Gang of Five is that those who might oppose Dr. McIntyre’s employment in the future would be making “knee jerk” reactions, an insult to the board members who actually listened to, and heeded, the preferences of their hard working and over taxed constituents.

Clearly, the Gang of Five chose a superintendent who has no political and cultural connections to anyone in the area, making him solely dependent on the board members who voted for him. I’m sure he will be following their “recommendations” quite closely.

He has already shown his political astuteness by calling each board member to talk about the contract. But isn’t that not only inappropriate, but now, entirely illegal in violation of the Sunshine Act? Is it not a “third person” deliberating with each board member, one at a time?

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