Will Cumulus Media Give Equal Time?

This afternoon on Newstalk 98.7 between 3-5 pm on Hallerin Hilton Hill’s Show. Knoxville City Council at Large Seat C candidate Bob Thomas hosted the show.

Will Newtalk give David Williams, Hubert Smith. Amelia Parker and Amy Midis two hours on air before Early Voting begins on August 7, 2019?

After all it is Equal Time. Right?

Bob Thomas, Candidate for Knox County Mayor

Bob Thomas, Candidate

David Williams discussed a proposed apartment complex slated for the Pond Gap Community and the community appeal on November 20

David Williams

Hubert Smith moderating Motley Crew Community Lunch

Hubert Smith

Amelia Parker at a recent Knox School Board Meeting

Amelia Parker at a recent Knox School Board Meeting

Amy Midis

Amy Midis

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  1. Liberals are Insane says:

    That is an in-kind campaign contribution. You know what to do.

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