Breaking News: Next TN Speaker Hill, Johnson or Maybe Dunn

This morning seeing this WJHL news story about TN State House Deputy Speaker Matthew Hill announce his intent to run for Speaker of the TN State House. I reached out to Speaker Pro Tem Bill Dunn about if he was pursuing the job or not.

In a video I posted last Monday, Dunn stated it was not his desire to be Speaker but he would do it. Yesterday the Knoxville daily paper published a story that attributed a quote to Dunn that he would lead with boredom.

Before I heard back from Dunn, I have heard that former Speaker Pro Tem to Speaker Beth Harwell and the runner up to Speaker Glen Casada last Election is seeking the position.

Dunn’s response to my question about Hill, “I am doing my due diligence in order to make the right decision. Should decide this weekend. Hill was running no matter what.”

So it’s Rep. Hill, Johnson and maybe Dunn. So being the backup quarterback (Speaker Pro Tem) may not always result in being the play caller when the time comes.

State Rep. Bill Dunn

State Rep. Bill Dunn

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