Today’s Letter To The Editor

Have you noticed the letter-to-the-editor today from a concerned citizen. I guess full disclosure and openness does not apply to the daily paper in town.

I guess people may have read Hill’s letter with just too much skepticism if the News-Sentinel had told that Hill is a member (a paid member, do you know?) of the Knox Charter Petition group.

I guess that just wouldn’t have served the News-Sentinel’s purpose in presenting Hill as just another “concerned citizen” whose only desire is to do what’s best for Knox County.

But the News-Sentinel’s actions of distortion speak volumes for the lack of popular support for the proposed amendments.

The few letters of support for the Knox Charter Petition group’s amendments come from members of the group itself. That’s what the story behind the story tells us.

The News-Sentinel’s attempt at deception failed. It’s time that Scripps removes the Sentinel’s editor for disinformation and dishonesty.

The real concerned citizens of Knox County deserve better.

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