HEP A in Knox County, Will it Spread?

WBIR broke this story that has been circulating for a day or two.

First the idea that the inmate was ONLY a dishwasher is questionable. From my time as a Knox County Jail Inspector in the mid through end of the 1990’s, when Sheriff Spangler was #2, there is NOT job specific tasks in the kitchen.

Sources tell me the inmate in question was a kitchen trustee for more than 3 weeks. If KCSO can dispute that, I am happy to correct the sources.

Sources have told me that more than 400 shots have already been given to date to inmates. Today, several Commissioners that ate the jail food last Tuesday at Commission workshop were told to return tomorrow for shots because all the shots have given.


If you are a healthy adult, Hepatitis A is curable. If you are a diabetic Hepatitis A attacks the Liver. Please consult your doctor.

How many inmates have been sent from Knox County to the various state penitentiaries, the past three weeks? Could this become a statewide epidemic?

The jail during former Sheriffs had 1 doctor, 3 nurse practitioner and 19 nurses, while Sheriff Spangler was #2. How were these inmate trustees not tested before being given kitchen duties?

The Knox County Jail Facilities feed about 1,500 people twice a day. That is one of the largest feeding institutions in the area. When you take those 1,500 and multiply with all the people they come in contact with, what is the effect?




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