Timmy says No We Don’t Need It!

Y’all remember that Saturday in February that the rain came down and flooded everything? You remember Knox County Schools closed and even some West Knox County schools were closed a whole week?

You remember how Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs and TN Governor Bill Lee wanted everyone to report your losses?

First Utility District of Knox County lost a sewage pumping station.

Well, the freshman Congressman that represents Knox and surrounding counties said, NOPE and VOTED AGAINST the disaster relief for East TN.

Burchett asked the President, here in March to declare it disaster. Here is the Chattanooga Times Free Press report that both TN Senators and ALL Nine Congressmen asking for the disaster relief in March. BUT, Burchett was one of 58 to vote NO for the disaster relief, check out the Daily Kos story here.

He will likely blame a broken Congress, but that means he is broken, Right? Anyway, he asked for and voted no. So Timmy was for it before he was against it.



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