Mike Lowe’s Final Day Is April 18, 2008

The Scripps owned tag team of McElroy/Hartmann and crew are a lazy bunch. They published a story on February 16, 2008 in which former Trustee Mike Lowe stated that he would be vacating the Trustee office the next week. Mike Lowe has been employed in various different capacities in the Trustee’s office for 33 years and counting.

Last Thursday, Brian’s Blog posted this item pointing out Rebecca Ferrar and Scripps inability to confirm and verify what they write and publish. This is the article that Ferrar wrote and McElroy/Hartmann published quoting Mike Lowe saying that he would vacate the next week.

I ran into current appointed Trustee Fred Sisk this evening at the Karns Republican Club. He informed me that Mike Lowe’s last day will be April 18, 2008. Two months after the News-Sentinel story.

Brian’s Blog wishes Mike Lowe well on his retirement. We wish him much success as he enters the real estate and real estate development business. We certainly believe that Mike Lowe will return at some time in the near future to run for elective office again. Brian’s Blog looks forward to covering his political endeavors in the future.

It is too bad that McElroy/Hartmann do not spend the time necessary to adequately cover our community. I am sure that if it were Scott Moore or former Sheriff Tim Hutchison, it would have been front page news with Moncier filing at least 12 lawsuits.

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