Why The Charter Review Committee Did Not Pass…The Mayor Haslam Connection

You have not seen this revealed in the News-Sentinel and you will not see this revealed in the Sentinel. But the reason that the Charter Review Committee did not pass has a Mayor Haslam / City of Knoxville connection. The vote came down to 9 in favor, 7 in opposition, 2 abstain and 1 pass. The 1 pass was City of Knoxville Engineering employee Ivan Harmon. Had Mayor Haslam supported the Charter Review Comittee, Harmon would have cast the 10th vote ratifying the Committee. However, Harmon changed his pass to a No vote making the vote 9 in favor, 9 in opposition and 2 abstain.

Why does the News-Sentinel NEVER print any City of Knoxville / Haslam connection. If there had been a Sheriff’s Department connection, the tag team of McElroy / Hartmann would have spent the last week with front page top of the fold stories and photos of Scott Moore and the Sheriff’s Department.

But when it comes to covering the real boss of the Sentinel (Haslam) they remain quite. McElroy / Hartmann are overheard saying “Be very, very quiet. We are only hunting sunshine law violations on the Commission.” After all they can not file a lawsuit every time a sunshine law violation occurs, only when it occurs on the Commission.

After all Mayor Haslam’s family purchases a lot of News-Sentinel’s. Now don’t they?

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  2. Yes. It is unfortunate that I have to. However, when I first started this blog many people began sending all types of hate messages. I also received a lot of spam messages. So, I shut down all comments.

    I then established the rules for commenting and opened it up and the same people couldn’t control themselves, so I enabled comment moderation. It is NO different than what others do with captcha and other safeguards.

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