“De Plane Boss, De Plane.”

You remember the television sitcom “Fantasy Island” from the seventies. It starred Ricardo Montalban and Herve Villechaize as “Tattoo” Do you remember how the show started? The character “Tattoo” exclaiming “De plane Boss De Plane” This incident repeated itself yesterday in Knox County. A plane flew over Knox County, it landed and out came Superintendent finalist Brian Bingelli and his wife. Their 11 year old daughter did not travel with them.

As the media (WBIR and Brian’s Blog) began asking the question who provided the free corporate jet everyone remained quiet, almost as if a plane hadn’t landed. WBIR reported this morning that they asked Bingelli, who provided the plane. He refused comment.

In this new day of Knox County government where everything operates in an open and transparent process. Why the secrecy?

Who are they protecting? and Why? Did James McIntyre and Robert Thomas get a free round trip corporate jet for themselves and their spouse?

Is the fix in?

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Regarding further interviews…
    1. Why one candidate’s school in person (Boston)
    2. Why another via the phone (seems if phone is good for SC it’s good for Boston…plus would save taxpayers some $$)
    3. Why nothing for Bob Thomas…so he’s been around awhile? Big deal….why not call up some of his colleagues or people who have worked w/under him? Bet you’d find some things out.

    This process is by no means consistent among candidates.

  2. Atomic City says:

    Why does Karen Carson try to hide the facts. I always wondered how she keeps her husband quiet as he is very vocal over here in Oak Ridge.