City of Knoxville Early Voting Begins on Wednesday, What Will Happen? The Voters Will Decide!

So, the City of Knoxville early voting begins on Wednesday. Locations for casting your votes are Meridian Baptist Church at 6513 Chapman Highway, New Harvest Park at 4775 New Harvest Lane, Love Kitchen at 2418 Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue, City County Building 400 Main Street and the ever so popular, record breaking Dowtown West 1645 Downtown West Blvd., Unit 40. Check here for times and other specific 411’s.

Our friends over at the local liberal playground are beating up on a former journalist turned blogger for her “impartial” question and coverage. For all the giggles, check it out here.

I will disclose (not hide from the fact) and not apologize that Fletcher “Knoxville” Burkhardt has chosen to utilize his resources here to help get his message out as David Williams and Hubert Smith, both candidates for Knoxville City Council at Large Seat C have as well. So, I will reveal that I am wanting them to make the runoffs. Burkhardt for Mayor, Williams and Smith for at Large Seat C.

Fletcher Knoxville Burkhardt, a Candidate for Mayor of Knoxville

Fletcher Knoxville Burkhardt, a Candidate for Mayor of Knoxville

Now, my thoughts on the other three candidates for Mayor.

City Councilman Marshall Stair has worked harder than the other two perceived front runners. Stair has been elected to two four year terms as Councilman and in December 2019 will serve both terms to completion.

John Sanders, Stair Campaign Treasurer, Marshall Stair and I before the event.

John Sanders, Stair Campaign Treasurer, Marshall Stair and I before Stair’s birthday event.


The candidate Mannis signed up to be COO for Mayor Madeline Rogero after she was first elected in 2011 and he left in 2013 after working for about two years, not fulfilling the four year term that Rogero was first elected too, granted he did not have too and Rogero seems to have done alright without him for the last 6 years.

The folks over at the local liberal playground point out Mannis support from the former Knox County Mayor Burchett, who says he would vote against the equality act twice and his allegiance to the President makes Mannis guilty of being against equality and a support of Trump. That’s what they say and the first amendment is great that way.

Let’s also throw in the Mannis support from former Knox County Clerk Foster Arnett, while a Knox County elected official Arnett filed suit against Knox County Public Building Authority for the conditions of the office he was assigned and should have maintained for several years. Read it here A year later, Arnett drops the suit, Read it here.

A portion of a photo that once appeared on the KnoxNews website

A portion of a photo that once appeared on the KnoxNews website

Let us not forget the political campaign antics of a 911 call. Read my blog story about it here and I am sure the actual recording is somewhere, (hint.. maybe youtube) of course that was then, this is now. I am sure the statute of limitations has expired by now for a false report.

As for candidate Kincannon, she was elected to several terms on the Knox County School Board. She left her term early and Knox County Commission had to appoint a successor and an election had to be held for the remainder of her term. Now, granted her husband had work outside the United States and it is commendable to want to keep the family together and I am sure their daughters lives were enriched and enhanced by a year overseas. I just believe that the voters need to weigh those actions before casting a vote.

While, I am not a voter in Knoxville. I do believe the totality of all candidates should be weighed. Unlike all my journalistic and political type friends. I believe all SIX candidates should be given equal consideration. However, it seems they only wanna consider the three with the most cash. Stair, Mannis and Kincannon with the bankrolls. But, Burkhardt, Skinner and Andrews all have qualities and abilities that would make them great Mayor’s too.

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2 Responses

  1. Howard Nevil says:

    Thank you for pointing out the Arnett connection. Just last year his boys Brad Anders and Roger Kane came up as losers for their friend Frosty

  2. Liberals are Insane says:

    Who not to vote for Mayor. Indya Kincannon. Like Rogero she wants to double the population of Knoxville with Section 8 HUD grants.