Knoxville, Your Second Day of Early Voting was Slightly Better Overall.

Today was the second day of Early Voting in the City of Knoxville Elections. 584 voters today versus the 543 voters on day one, an increase of 41 voters from yesterday.

City County Building 74 voters today (average 9.25 voters per hour) 25 fewer voters than yesterday.

Downtown West 252 voters today (average 31.5 voters per hour) 44 more voters than yesterday.

Love Kitchen 50 voters today (average 6.25 voters per hour) 29 less voters than yesterday.

New Harvest Park 166 voters today (average 20.75 voters per hour) 51 more voters than yesterday.

South 42 voters today (average 5.25 voters per hour) the same number as yesterday.

second day of Early Voting 8/8/2019 at Downtown West Center

second day of Early Voting 8/8/2019 at Downtown West Center



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1 Response

  1. Liberals are Insane says:

    The Mayoral debate is why. Listen to this, Indya Kincannon wants to bring the Ten Year Plan back:

    Those are her own words. People are staying home. They don’t want it.

    If that was not enough, Kincannon wants Section 8 housing in every neighborhood:

    That’s why Rogero wants to keep the ADU’s in every neighborhood. Indya is Maddy’s girl.

    Before the Mayors debate I thought Kincannon had it wrapped up. Not now. It’s a two way race.