ABNP, Larsen Jay and Knox County – The Controversy Continues to Boil

In continuing my examination of Alliance for Better Non Profifts, the entity that Knox County Commissioner at Large Larsen Jay serves on its Board and who Jay selected to facilitate the Knox County Commission retreat at a cost of tax payers of $4,300 without bid or seeking competitive proposals, we discover.

The Line item Invoice 

on August 8, 2019 I requested that Commission Chairman Hugh Nystrom secure a line item detailed invoice from ABNP for the $4,300 Knox County Commission retreat. I received those details today.

Food $980.50 (invoice was provided to me) a Continental Breakfast, Two lunches and snacks and coffee breaks.

Supplies $200

Facilitation $3,119.50 

Assets of ABNP declined for Three Years. 

In the three years 2015-2017 the total assets of ABNP reduced about 50% according to the organizations 1099 filings.

According to the 2017 1099 filing the total assets were $666,752.00

According to the 2016 1099 filing the totals assets were $968,474.00

According to the 2015 1099 filing the total assets were $1,136,775.00

Knox County’s Additional Involvement in ABNP

Knox County Departments have been involved with ABNP, according to answers from Knox County Finance Department that were responsive to questions I asked.

Knox County Stormwater Department has paid $75 in Fiscal Year 2018 for Membership. Additional expenditures from the Stormwater Department were $100 Membership renewal and $750 for a retreat.

Knox County Health Department In Fiscal Year 2019 paid $975 for “various memberships and training”

What did or didn’t Knox County Commissioners know about Larsen Jay’s ABNP Board Membership before the retreat? 

Brad Anders verbally told me NO

Justin Biggs verbally told me NO

Randy Smith via text message replied NO

Richie Beeler via text message replied, he couldn’t recall Jay telling him that.

John Schoonmaker via text message replied, NO.

Michele Carringer told me verbally she discovered it while reading Jay’s Bio on the Commission website.

Hugh Nystrom has not responded to the question sent via text.

Carson Dailey has not responded to the question sent via text.

Charles Busler has not answered the email with the question.

Evelyn Gill has not answered the email with the question.

I did not ask Jay as I suspect he is aware that he serves on the Board of ABNP.

All of them at the $4,300 retreat.

All of the Knox County Commissioners at the $4,300 one and a half day retreat.

As Jay was quick to pursue Commissioner Gill. I place this information into the public if someone (Commissioner or public) want to ask additional questions of Jay, ABNP, Random Acts of Flowers and/or anything else.


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