Knox County Commission Reorganizes for Another Year

The Knox County Commission met this afternoon and for the sole purpose of reorganizing. They immediately elected Hugh Nystrom as Chairman for a second time as Chairman. In remarks after becoming Chairman, Nystrom thanked the Commission and staff for their help last year and made a statement that he realizes that he made a few mistakes last year. However, this writer is not clear what mistakes Nystrom is referring too.

Chairman Nystrom then conducted the election for Vice Chairman, Nystrom himself nominating Larsen Jay and Commissioner Randy Smith nominated Michele Carringer. Carringer received votes of Commissioner Smith, Brad Anders, Charles Busler, Richie Beeler, Justin Biggs, Evelyn Gill and Carringer. Commissioners Nystrom, John Schoonmaker, Carson Dailey and Jay voting for Jay. With Carringer elected by a majority the four gentlemen Commissioners changed their votes to Carringer and she was elected unanimously.

The Commission then proceeded to appoint Commissioners to Committees and the Committees met to select Chair and Vice Chair of each committee.

Court Subcommittee Gill, Chair; Biggs, Vice Chair; Carringer, Anders and Busler

Finance Committee (all Commissioners) Anders nominated Jay and Busler nominated Schoonmaker. The vote was 5 for Jay and 5 for Schoonmaker, Gill had initially passed. Gill cast the sixth vote for Schoonmaker and Carringer changed her vote for Schoonmaker. Interesting is that Jay apparently did not have confidence in himself, casting a vote for Schoonmaker.

Then Beeler nominated Jay for Vice Chair and Carringer nominated Gill. Jay received 8 votes and Gill received herself, Carringer and Busler’s vote. Biggs had passed and then cast an 8th vote for Jay. Only 6 was needed for a majority.

Cable TV Committee (all Commissioners) Beeler, Chair; Jay, Vice Chair

Insolvency Board Beeler, Chair; Biggs, Vice Chair; Carringer and Nystrom

Legislative Affairs Committee Schoonmaker, Chair; Dailey, Vice Chair; Gill, Beeler, Dailey and Jay

Rules Committee Jay, Chair; Dailey, Vice Chair; Gill, Anders, Busler

Development Corporation Board: Biggs with Nystrom and Carringer. Initially, Beeler, Gill, Jay and Biggs were nominated. Beeler was taken off after receiving fewest votes. Then Gill, Biggs and Jay were the candidates, Biggs received 6 votes, Jay 3 votes and Gill with one vote. Dailey changed his vote to Biggs with Biggs receiving 7 votes, Jay 3 and Gill 1.

Carson Dailey who served on the Development Corp Board last two years said “they have secrets you can’t tell”.

Joint Education Committee: Gill, Beeler, Dailey and Beeler

Knox County Commission 8/26/2019

Knox County Commission 

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