Controversial Former Failed Roane County Judge Candidate and Attorney Files Suit for Knox County Citizens

Former Roane County Attorney Tom McFarland filed a declaratory suit on Friday against Knox County. He is representing a group of citizens that includes John Fugate a former failed Second District County Commission candidate along with Chris Etters, John Story, Shirley Smith (mother of former Knox County Circuit Court Clerk candidate Scott Smith), Wayne James, Trevor Willis, Shane Reed, Robbin Reed, Lloyd Peffer, Melissa Peffer, Jacob Collin Thurber and Zachary Peter Thurber on behalf of citizens and taxpayers of Knox County.


A little history on the Controversial former Roane County Attorney Tom McFarland in 2009, read here where McFarland filed suit against his ex-wife. In 2014, McFarland lost a Judge race to Judge Michael Pemberton and filed suit contesting the Judge’s residency and the case went all the way to the TN Supreme Court. The Supreme Court, order can be read here.

Tom McFarland back in 2008

Tom McFarland back in 2008



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