County Commission Second District Appointment

Commissioner Mark Harmon nominated Mark Campen. Commissioner Tony Norman after passing and all Commissioners having either nominated or passed, he then nominated Robert Wolfenbarger. Commissioner Craig Leuthold nominated Chuck Williams.

It took three votes to select an appointed Commissioner. Chuck Williams was eliminated on the second ballot. On the second vote Mark Harmon on the first vote voted for Campen and then on the second vote changed to Wolfenbarger and then on the third vote changed back to Campen. Commissioner Thomas Strickland changed to Campen on the third and final vote. Commissioners Craig Leuthold, Greg Lambert and Phil Ballard voted for Williams. On the third ballotLeuthold changed to Wolfenbarger, Lambert to Campen and Ballard to Wolfenbarger.

Securing 7 votes of the 11 Commissioners, Mark Campen was selected.

Obviously, Campen is somwhat unknown and from most observers Chuck Williams had a better interview. Here is hooping that Chuck Williams will not give up and stay in arena.

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1 Response

  1. Thank you for the kind words and it has been a privlege and pleasure to be able to run and attempt to serve not only the people of District 2, but the entire county. I am still here working to ensure a better Knox County and I am ready to serve the people in any capacity. My number is posted or I can be reached at
    Thank you to people like Brian for all of the encouragement and moral support!
    Chuck Williams