Commissioner Jay is Set to Convince Schoonmaker on the AJ Building Move

This morning, a public notice was sent that Larsen Jay “the self appointed point man” on the Knox County push out of the Knox County Schools from the Andrew Johnson Building to the TVA East Tower will meet Commissioner John Schoonmaker on Wednesday October 2, 2019 at NOON at Sami’s Cafe in Franklin Square just east on the Kingston Pike/Pellissippi Parkway interchange.


The more the merrier, Go eat a bite with Sami and invite yourself into the Jay sales pitch.

Anders and Jay after ordering

Anders and Jay after ordering

Commissioner John Schoonmaker on an Elevator in Chattanooga on a taxpayer funded trip

Commissioner John Schoonmaker on an Elevator in Chattanooga on a taxpayer funded trip

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4 Responses

  1. Liberals are Insane says:

    Larsen Jay is just the bag man for Mike Arms and Mike Ragsdale who are part owners of Funderburk Electric which stands to make $2.5 million dollars if the Andrew Johnson building is sold. How does losing $20 million dollars on the AJ building make sense? Larsen Jay has a bunch of numbers that keep changing. I hope the TBI is watching this.

  2. Jennifer Owen says:

    The complete disrespect for the professionals working in the AJ Building, the elected school board, and the people we represent couldn’t be more obvious. I would love to know why Larsen Jay feels compelled to push this nonsense. As if his obnoxious attempt to bully the superintendent weren’t bad enough, how is it okay for commissioners to have one-on-one meetings regarding PUBLIC issues?

    I guess if Larsen isn’t interested in transparent public access, that could explain why moving a LOCAL, PUBLIC entity into an inaccessible, federally controlled building seems like a great idea to him.

  3. Liberals are Insane says:

    Every person who goes into the TVA tower will be treated like they are boarding an airplane. It’s a government building. No nail clippers, no nail file, no pen knife. Throw your granddads pocket knife in the bin never to be seen again or turn around and walk away.

    That is a morale killer for school system employees and will keep people away from School Board meetings. The so called $70 million dollar impact is a joke. Chris Caldwell pretends the AJ building will be the only place to get a hotel room or apartment. The truth is downtown has too many hotel rooms and apartments. There is a good chance this will be a failure.

    How is there a $70 million dollar impact when that taxpayers lose $20 million on the sale of the building? Larsen Jay claims that taxpayers get $2 million in taxes over 40 years if there is NO PILOT. Then he says this has to have a PILOT to go forward. Jay is a con man and this is the worst deal since Knoxville gave the News Sentinel $11 million dollars to stay in Knoxville.