Knox County continues it’s Abusive Spouse Role on Knox County Schools

If been around County Government a lot in my 53 years. I remember the first Knox County school board meeting I ever attended with my parents as they became a school bus contractor. The meeting was in the Fort Hill Building on Summit Hill Drive across from then Knoxville City School Green Elementary.

Then the School Board was moved to one half of one floor in the City County Building.

Then the school board was moved into a vacant (for sometime) Andrew Johnson Building (primarily because the Knoxville government gave up on the city schools and the county had to take all the city school bureaucrats that were in the City School Offices at what is now Knoxville High Living on Fifth avenue)

The AJ building was used for defunct Whittle Communications as they built what is now the Howard Baker Federal Building. Now, 27 years later Knox County Government wants the schools moved into the East Tower of the TVA building that has been vacant for about 15 years.

Schoonmaker and Jay at the beginning of the lunch

Schoonmaker and Jay at lunch

At this weeks lunch between Commissioner Larsen Jay and John Schoonmaker where they discussed the schools move for approximately 30 minutes and 44 seconds. Schoonmaker asked Jay, should the School Board vote first or the County Commission? Jay without the blink of an eye said Commission. That answer and as quick as it was, solidified my assertion that Knox County Schools is the abused spouse. Because, in an abusive relationship, the aggressor always asserts themselves first and matter of factly without consideration of the other.

I have an idea for the TVA East Tower for an Urgent Knox County need, but it leaves Knox County Schools at the AJ Building. The idea will be forthcoming soon. So, stay tuned.

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  1. Liberals are Insane says:

    “Schoonmaker asked Jay, should the School Board vote first or the County Commission? Jay without the blink of an eye said Commission.”

    Wow. Jay should know that is not the proper order. Isn’t there a training manual for County Commissioners? Or Jay could just read the county charter.

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