Concord Road will Improve Thanks to FCRGD

The more than 600 citizens that make up the Farragut Citizens for Responsible Growth Development scored a major victory today for the citizens of Southwest Knox County on Concord Road between Kingston Pike and Northshore.

Within 48 hours of the below being posted on the group’s FB page located hereIf you are concerned about the public safety issues on Concord Road at Turkey Creek Road please call and email the Tennessee Department of
Transportation and ask that both turn lanes at Concord Road and Turkey Creek Road be re-opened before winter snow and ice come.
You can contact TDOT at 1-877-SmartWay, or email Your participation can make a difference.”

Within 48 hours the group received word that both turn lanes at Concord Road and Turkey Creek Road will be re-opened. Big win for the people of West Knoxville. Thanks in large part to Rep. Jason Zachary


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UPDATE: the photo below show the right turn lane is NOW open, today 11/1/2019


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