The Haslam Talk Doesn’t Match the Haslam Walk

A week or so ago Georgiana Vines reported that the members of the Haslam family stated that they were not supporting any countywide candidate. The Haslam name had inadvertantly appeared on a fundraising list for Mike Lowe, candidate for Knox County Property Assessor.

That sounded good. However it appears that the Haslam family has endorsed and supported with monetary contributions, one countywide and one district candidate. They have endorsed and contributed to Foster Arnett, Junior and Karen Carson, candidate for Knox County School Board – Fifth District. This action is in violation what the Haslam family said to Ms. Vines and was reported in the News Sentinel.

Why would the Haslam’s support Arnett and Carson? Because they are supporting candidates that are supportive of and committed to Metro Government. A Metro Government would allow Mayor Bill Haslam to run for County Mayor in 2010.

It is unfortunate that the Haslam family would say one thing and do another.

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Couddn’t Mayor Haslem run for County Mayor with or with out Metro government? Doesn’t his current (and 2nd) term as City Mayor expire in 2010? So … what difference does it make?
    It would also be helpful if you told us which members of the Haslem family gave their support to the candidates you mention. It’s possible that someone in the family doesn’t think they are bound by ‘Big Jim’ and his declaration. On the other hand, if ‘Big Jim’ said no support and then went ahead and gave support, well, then you’d have a point. But if ‘Big Jim’ said no support and cousin Sue gave support I’d have to give a pass, since obviously ‘Big Jim’ doesn’t speak for cousin Sue.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Why couldn’t Mayor Haslem run for county mayor in 2010 with or without metro government?