The Big Orange Screw Coming to Knox County Taxpayers

Most individuals that have attended or graduated from the University of Tennessee has at some point referred to getting the Big Orange Screw. Well now the latest has every Knox County taxpayer getting the Big Orange Screw.

CompassKnox a subscription based alternative news source, reports here that the University of Tennessee Board of Directors are set to approve the moving of the UT Presidents office to the East TVA Tower, contingent on Knox County leasing the tower and then sub leasing to them. Well that’s just Bullsh##, in my humble opinion.

I think UT should lease the towers and then if Knox County determines it needs the space then and only then can we sub lease from UT. There isn’t any need for Knox County taxpayers being on the hook for what they want.

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2 Responses

  1. Liberals are Insane says:

    Here is the dirty secret County Mayor Jacobs doesn’t want you to know. Yes, the lease rate is very low at 37 cents per square foot. But there is a requirement for $125 per square foot of fix up costs to get that low lease rate. With 200,000 square feet that comes out to $25 million dollars. Why do Knox County taxpayers have to subsidize UT. The same UT that is spending $180 million dollars to renovate Neyland Stadium.

    Call Randy Boyd today and tell him to stop screwing Knox County Taxpayers. Then call Glenn Jacobs and tell him to wake up and read the fine print. As for Larsen Jay, not as smart as he pretends to be.

  2. Raymond Kircher says:

    This move by combining Knox County/Knoxville Schools administration offices and UTK administration offices isn’t about the money. Yes, there is a story there, but the combining of these two entities would flip UTK conservative and small government leanings to a Left of Center Regional Government to drain county tax payers for municipal schools. This is to change the voting base in Knox County from Red to Purple, then to eventually allow the Feds in with a Blue Region. This is about brainwashing Knox County Students.