Democrats Were Not Smart Enough in 2004 And Is Not Smart Enough This Year

Today, Senator John Edwards suspended his campaign for President. I believed that Edwards had the potential to win the Pressidency in 2004. The Democrats were not smart enough to select Edwards as the nominee in 2004. In the 2008 campaign Edwards had the message to win a national election in 2008. The Democrats haven’t learned. People say will he ran as Vice-President in 2004. Yes, he did. But the American people do notvote for the Vice – President, they vote for the top of the ticket.

As a friend of mine said this afternoon, there is not a nickle’s worth of difference between Hillary and Obama.

The Republicans will win again.

Thank you, Democrats.

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1 Response

  1. Anonymous says:

    the problem with edwards is he didnt adjust and adapt. He kept the same quotes and campaign speeches over and over again. With multiple debates on mult channels and mult internet dedicated feeds John Edwards started slipping. Once he started slipping he didnt re-adjust. Hillary started slipping and she started crying and it worked. Obama turned up heat with ‘Hillary your just a Wallmart Board of Directors Lawyer. Rudy didnt adapt either. Terrorism speach is 8 years old 18 year olds going to the polls were 10 when 9-11 happened. Finally Edwards had the anti-corporate america speach well 50% of Americans own stock