Brian’s Blog Featured In Campaign Handout

Brian’s Blog has made the BIG time. Last night at the Farragut Cultural Alliance, I was met by the rising powerful star of the Knox County Democrat Party, Amy Henley Vandergriff. Amy is a Democrat candidate for Knox County Clerk.

Amy gave me a campaign hand out and said you may be shocked but I used something off your blog. Sure enough a few of the comments that I had posted about Amy on Brian’s Blog following our first meeting at the South Doyle Homeowners Association was right there on her campaign literature. How complimentary is that? In the words of Dick Vitale I say “AWESOME, BAAABBYY!.”

Amy has a website. here it is. Check out the web address, Let The People Rule. How AWESOME is that?

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3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    She has a competitive advantage of also being really good looking. She has the “tina Fey’ of Saturday Night Live 30 Roc look. Sharp, young intelligent. Comes across very professoinal and strong. Look take her necklace. It is the golden sun. Subliminal for a brighter day. Lets call it real. She has strong looks appeal, a clear message and the smarts to possibly pull it off….

  2. Anonymous says:

    CAREFUL! This is awfully close to an endoresment of Democrat. Oh the horrors!


  3. Don’t look now, but…..

    I am truly disappointed in the latest news of her problems.