I Have Recently Quoted A Democrat

A couple of avid readers of Brian’s Blog have asked about the coverage of some key election races this year. They say things like, your team is giving so and so hell.

In response I have been using a revised quote of a former Democrat President in response. “We haven’t given anybody hell! We just tell the truth and they thought it was hell.” That quote is a minor revision of a quote by former Democrat President Harry S. Truman.

BTW, utilizing a Democrat quote is all that I have ever done that is in anyway close to being a supporter of or for a Democrat. Had I been a registered voter during the Truman campaigns, I would NOT have voted for Truman.

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2 Responses

  1. Jake Mabe says:

    I don’t know why not — Truman was a whole lot better than Thomas Dewey. Maybe Alice Roosevelt Longworth said it best: Dewey looked ever so much like the toy groom atop a wedding cake.

    Give ’em hell, Harry!

  2. Because I am a REPUBLICAN. Maybe Dewey wasn’t as good. But my point always is our (Republicana) worst is better than their best.