Dan “da man” Andrews Making our State of Tennessee Better

Dan “da man” Andrews when the TN Legislature was out of Session was working overtime on researching a issue important to him (he is a licensed ham radio operator) and will making TN citizens safer.

When the legislature convened on Tuesday 1/14/2020. There was a TN House Sponsor (Zachary) and a TN Senate Sponsor (Massey) for his Bill.


07C2CD7E-92E2-45C3-ACFA-F8791E25E779Last Friday, Dan “da man” Andrews saves me at the Bloomberg event, supplying me with a full battery power pack. So, while as an Eagle Scout, I failed to “Be Prepared”, Dan saved me! It’s great to have friends like that.

Dan da man Andrews and  I

Dan “da man” Andrews and I

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