The McMillan Cattle Sale …

I did not attend the Wednesday cattle sale at the Knoxville Livestock Auction on Wednesday of the Herd Clearing sale. But, someone I’ve known for more than 40 years got the details from someone that was at the auction. So, here’s what I was told

“75 head total, 14 bulls (including calves); 4 died at stockyard, so 71 auctioned. Some cows brought as low as $200, most calves brought decent price, as they can be rehabbed.” 

Myself, KnoxTNToday, Compass Knox have been on this story. Sandra Clark of KnoxTNToday wrote in a story about some staff disagreement on this story, while it’s rare for Clark and I to agree on much. I am in agreement on what she wrote, which I copied and pasted the excerpt below.

“Meanwhile, Betty Bean called to say we should back off McMillan, who was hospitalized with flu and pneumonia. “Not fair to pick on Mike when he’s sick,” said Bean.

But McMillan is a well-known public figure who currently serves on the Knox County Board of Education and is seeking re-election in the March 3 Republican Primary. Sick or well, he should be organized enough to have somebody feed and water his livestock. We reported the story, pictured the herd at the stockyard and will follow up on future court appearances.”

This is a multi-agency multi-investigation, Knox County Sheriffs Office Animal Control and TN Department of Agriculture.

I plan to attend the February 6 hearing on McMillan’s three December 2019 citations (signed by Knox County Magistrate Sharon Frankenberg) for incidents in October and November 2019, before he got flu and pneumonia.


McMillan at a July 2019 Knox County School Board Meeting

McMillan at a July 2019 Knox County School Board Meeting




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