League of Women Voters – Knox County Commission candidates Meet and Greet

Tonight, the candidates for Knox County Commission we’re invited to a candidate Meet and Greet. The event was held in the #BigMetalShedontheHillE491A473-4197-45DE-8A6A-3558D2B9781A

In the First District Democrat Evelyn Gill and Dasha Lundy and Independent Reginald M. Jackson were present

In the Second District Democrat Courtney Dureett and Republican Grant Rosenberg were present.

In the Fourth District. Democrat Todd Frommeyer and Republican Scott Broyles  were present.

In the Fifth District, Democrat Kimberly Peterson and Republicans John Schoonmaker and Clayton Wood attended.

in the Sixth District Republican Terry Hill attended.

not attending were Eighth District Republican Richie Beeler, Ninth District Republican Carson Dailey and Fourth District Republican Kyle Ward.


A large crowd attended the LWV Knox County Commission candidate Meet and Greet


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