Kenny Bradley is a First District City Councilman Applicant

Monday night, I met Kenny Bradley who is seeking appointment to Knoxville City Council to fill the First District seat that was recently vacated by Stephanie Welch.
Kenny Bradley

Kenny Bradley

He is a lifelong Knoxvillian and have lived in the First District for over 30 years, growing up living in Section 8 housing with my mother who worked hard every day, but just didn’t make enough to support us. He was determined to make it out.
After graduating from South-Young  high School, he became a firefighter and later EMT then eventually paramedic for Rural / Metro. When he turned 21, he volunteered to become a Reserve Deputy for the Knox County Sheriff’s Office and served there until he was hired full-time by the University of Tennessee Police Department. While working there, I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Management,  and went on to earn my MBA after beginning with my current employer. He is currently in the hiring process to become the Finance Director for Anderson County. From an initial field of over 80 applicants, he is currently in the top three. He is in the process of a year-long, training program, through UT,  that will designate me as a Certified County Finance Officer.
He attends Church Street United Methodist Church. His wife is a paramedic for a local ambulance company and former elementary school teacher. He has an adult son who still lives in town.
He has previously challenged the City Council on their decision to eliminate gun shows at the Jacobs building as he believes doing so violates our First Amendment rights to peacably assemble on public property for a lawful and legitimate purpose.
He also vehemently opposed to the Recode Knoxville project as he believes that it was an enormous and unnecessary expense.
He is pro-gun and believes red flag laws are unconstitutional. There are existing laws on the books that prevent people who have been adjudicated as mentally incompetent from owning firearms and those existing laws, if enforced, would suffice.
myself and Kenny Bradley

myself and Kenny Bradley

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