Fact Checking the Knox County Assessor of Property Race

Knox County Assessor of Property John R Whitehead is being challenged on March 3, 2020 Early Voting through February 25th #Republican Primary by Tina Marshall.

Both candidates were at Pathways Church in South Knoxville yesterday for the South Knox Alliance meeting. Both of the talks are here in this video on my YouTube page.

Marshall in talking about her time at the Assessors Office said she had quit. A review of her personnel file reveals that is NOT correct. Marshall was terminated by former Knox County Assessor of Property Philip Ballard on August 13, 2010 for insubordination. She began employment with Ballard on March 31, 2008. Also in her personnel file, there are documents detailing that during her employment she had been placed on a probationary period on July 1, 2009 by Former Chief Deputy Jim Weaver of the Assessors Office.

After her termination she appealed the unemployment decision and the unemployment appeal tribunal ruled against her, due to facts that are detailed in her personnel file.

copy of the termination notice of Tina Marshall from her personnel file

a picture of a copy of Tina Marshall’s notice of termination from her personnel file.



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