Ron Paul is a Moron. Huckabee is Right on Target.

Question is Name three departments that you will eliminate. “Department of Education, Energy and Homeland Security” – Ron Paul.

Huckabee got it right and named the one department that the entire audience agreed with. “I would first eliminate the IRS.” – Mike Huckabee

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4 Responses

  1. bbartlog says:

    Paul is a moron? At least he actually answered the question. Huckabee being the spendthrift that he is of course couldn’t actually propose a net reduction in agencies – the IRS just gets replaced by the national sales tax collection agency (or do you think that tax is going to collect itself)?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yep Huckabee knows what lines to steal things from Ron Paul and others. As any knowledgeable person knows Ron Paul was calling for getting rid of the IRS long before Huckabee even entered politics. This is even better than Huckabee stealing Newt’s Fed Ex line for the Iowa Straw Poll.

  3. Anonymous:

    If you were actually correct than “Barney Fife” aka Ron Paul should have included the IRS as one of his three departments. Fife answered first, he screwed up.

  4. John A. Emison says:

    If you believe Ron Paul is a moron, then you must think Jimmy Duncan is an idiot. Far from it, both Ron Paul and Jimmy Duncan frequently cast dissenting votes in the House against bombing various countries without a declaration of war. They are both guilty of uphold their oath of office and taking stands as a matter of principle — something we used to think of as being “conservative.”

    If Ron Paul is a “Barney Fife” then what does that make George W whose military forces could not even defend its own headquarters when 6 Arabs armed with box cutters commenced their attack? At least Barney and Andy never had any employees killed because they couldn’t defend Mayberry.