WVLT Loses Their and Our #1

UPDATE: It is Official Kelli Parker just signed off. WVLT had a great video of the memories and then Kelli thanked us for inviting her in our homes. No Kelli it was our honor to have you as our guest, cause none of the others in Knoxville are like family like you were, By the way, Alan, Rick and Scott you all are still invited, in addition to whoever replaces Kelli. WVLT is like family.

Original Monday November 26, 2007 10:40 p.m. It was a matter of time, but was made official tonight at 5:30 p.m. when WVLT and Kelli Parker announced that she is leaving the airwaves. Her last on camera will be this Wednesday.

As the President of the Kelli Parker fan club. Brian Hornback said. “The fan club will still exist, it will just become the Kelli Parker re-run watchers club. Similar to the Andy Griffith Show clubs.” Hornback said. “I anticipate having to secure any and all former newscast where Kelli Parker was the anchor, co-anchor, reporter or contributor.”

In all seriousness, Kelli has a young family and her commitment to being an integral part of the life of her family is to be commended. Her contribution to Knoxville and East Tennessee for the past six years has not gone unnoticed. Best of Luck, Kelli. You did good.

I am sure that all the BIG brainpower at my favorite Knoxville television news station will place someone beside Alan Williams that will keep Channel 8 as the top Knoxville news station. The question is what color tie will Alan have to wear?

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1 Response

  1. Andrea says:

    I watched with tears last night, our family hates to see her go.

    Kelli is wonderful and I’ll really miss her sincere smile.
    I don’t think alot of other tv people have that some others seem so fake.

    So I guess now we can all only hope she is replaced with the morning anchor 8 has now .. stacey mccloud! We watch her every morning.