Huckabee’s New Ad That Starts Today In Iowa

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2 Responses

  1. SteveMule says:

    I am going to assume something here that may or may not be correct: I am assuming that you are supporting Gov. Huckabee in the Republican Presidential Race. If, assuming this is true, why don’t you re-edit your blog to replace the “Fred’08 Contribute Now” button/link with a Gov. Huckabee contrabution button/link?
    I am basing my assumption (support for Gov. Huckabee) on what you have said about him in previous posts and your links to his campaign videos and the almost complete dearth of anything about Fred. As I mentioned before my assumption might be wrong – if it is set me straight.
    One final thing – Do you think Fred will make it past NH? How about SC? Just curious. Personally, I think he’s out after Super Tuesday, tho he would be justified in dropping out after SC.


  2. Steve,

    You have voiced and recognized the agony that I am going through. I have/had committed to Fred. But I like Governor Huckabee.

    I have thought of taking the I support Fred link down, but haven’t. I may put up a I support Huckabee.

    What I have told my friends is that Huckabee makes a strong VP, but he and his campaaign are committed to the Presidential run. As for Fred, I don’t know. As for Huckabee, he will finish a strong second in Iowa