A Movie Suggestion That Is Playing at Regal Cinemas

Last Tuesday evening I attended the UT Knoxville College Republican meeting with Knox County Commission Chairman Scott Moore. One of the CR members mentioned this film to the group that is currently playing. I checked the movie trailer posted on youtube and it looks great. The trailer is below.

The movie began its run in late October, so catch it while you can at Regal Cinema’s Downtown West location. It has 4 showings a day at 1640 Downtown West Boulevard in Knoxville, TN.

The movie title is Bella.

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1 Response

  1. SteveMule says:

    It doesn’t look bad, might be interesting. What’s the movies title? Your posting didn’t say and I couldn’t read it on the you-tube blurb. This computer is old and the monitor cmae from an even older machine and … everything is really, really dark. Thanks!