City Councilman Joe Bailey “The Entrenched Republican Candidate” Beat the Demo Party

Congratulations to City Councilman At Large Joe Bailey for his sweeping win over Riyad H. “Ray” Abbas. Don Daugherty, the Knox County Demo Chairman pulled out all the stops in trying to deliver the Democrat win.

The letter Daugherty sent in supporting Abbas said in part “He is the new face of the Democrat Party.” In conclusion the letter said “This is an important election for Democrats. If we can defeat an entrenched Republican-establishment candidate and help elect — Abbas to City Council on November 6, we will demonstrate what we can and must accomplish next year, when stakes are even higher. Please join me in supporting this fine young man for City Council. With Warmest Regards, Don Daugherty, Chairman Democratic Party of Knox County”

So, let’s review. This was to set the tone for the Democrat takeover of Knox County in 2008. Instead it was the same ole same ole Democrat rhetoric that resulted in a not even close race.

On a national scale, Louisiana last month voted in its first REPUBLICAN Governor, an Indian-American. Governor – elect Bobby Jindal at 36 years old becomes the youngest Governor in the nation. He becomes Louisiana’s first non-white governor since reconstruction. He is the son of Indian immigrants. He is one of the new faces of the Republican party.

So for all the red meat rhetoric that the Demos throw out there, (in letters, in their tabloid newspapers, on their left leaning blogs and blog forums) it still doesn’t produce votes that win and when you don’t win, you do not legislate.

Hey, Demo’s. Try again in four years, because in the words of Brian Hornback “even a blind squirrel gets a nut every once in awhile.”

The Demos had a slight advantage at the following City wards in this 2007 election. Green School with only a 19 vote edge. Central UMC in Fourth & Gill with a slight 68 vote edge. John T. Oconnor Center with a 10 vote edge. Larry Cox Senior Rec. Center with a 62 vote edge. Belle Morris School with a 37 vote edge. Christenberry Center with a 21 vote edge. Lincoln Park School with an 18 vote edge. Lonsdale and Sam E. Hill with a 5 vote edge. Beaumont School with a 1 vote edge. Pellissippi State a 2 vote edge. Sarah Moore Green School only a 12 vote edge. Richard Yoakley School (Alice Bell) only a 12 vote edge. Inskip Elementary School only a 6 vote edge. Ridgedale School only 16 votes edge.

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